The eBusiness group at John Muir Health is scheduling usability interviews at their corporate office in Walnut Creek on Thursday, October 29.  Selected participants who complete the in-person interviews, will receive $75 gift cards.
Participant will:
- Be willing to sign our standard confidentiality agreement
- Allow us to record the session
- Not require an assistive device or software to use a mobile device
- Be able to travel to our office near the Pleasant Hill Bart station
- Complete a 1-hour in-person interview
When are you available for a 60-minute appointment on thursday, October 29? *

First and Last name? *

Best email to reach you? *

Best phone to reach you?

Mobile number is preferred.
Age? *

Gender? *

How do you pay for medical services? *

What type of cell phone do you have? *

What type of activities do you perform on your cell phone? *

How often do you access your medical information over the phone? *

What do you use to log into the myJMH Patient Portal? *

Did you try the pilot version of JMH Online Treatment-eVisit? *

Did you complete the exam? *

If no, when did you abandon the exam? *

Would you use the JMH eVisit again? *

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